What are NONPLASTICSTRAWs made from ?

 NONPLASTICSTRAWs are made from a unique non-oil material, created from renewable resources, such as sugar cane, cornstarch or yam. They are therefore 100% plant-based making them sustainable and eco-friendly,  and able to hold their shape in your drink and not go soggy! 


Which bin do I throw my NONPLASTICSTRAW in?

Currently, you will need to check whether the waste collection in your areas takes food waste to 'in-vessel composting' (ICV).  If so - your straws can be taken away with food recycling and composted! 

If you do not have access to industrial composting facilities, I'd love to help you out! Get in touch with me and I'll make sure it gets there for you!


Are NONPLASTICSTRAWs suitable for home-composting? 

NONPLASTICSTRAWs will not biodegrade in home-composting, so unfortunately they are not suitable to be thrown into home-compost heaps. This is something I would love to work on and create in the future, however, hyper-compostable materials such as algaes and seaweeds have not had enough development yet to have the characteristics i.e. rigidity you want from a drinking straw. So for now, a NONPLASTICSTRAW needs to be in the optimal composting conditions of ICVs to fully biodegrade.


If it isn't composted, will it just go to landfill ?

In landfill, studies have shown that compostable packaging does not give off significant amounts of biogas or methane. Landfill gas (yes, ew, landfill releases gasses whilst things are degrading) is typically made up of 40-60% methane and the rest CO2. Bio-based materials have been shown to not significantly contribute to this, and are therefore a lot less harmful to the environment in landfill sites.

Bioplastics are suitable for incineration, and are often preferred by waste sectors as they give off fewer toxic and no volatile gases. In certain areas, the heat generated from bioplastic incineration is harvested for energy. A study found that bioplastics' heat production was greater than wood, newspaper, and other food waste, meaning the waste combustors yield more energy in these waste-to-energy facilities.




Absolutely! Although NONPLASTICSTRAWs are intended for single use, these straws can simply be rinsed and reused!


I have a cafe / bar / restaurant, or I am organising an event / party / retreat, are NONPLASTICSTRAWs available in large quantities? 

Yes! Please visit the wholesale section, or email georgie@nonplasticstraw.co.uk with your quantity, required date, and any questions and I will send you the full price list and get you sorted !


Are NONPLASTICSTRAWs customisable?

Yes ! NONPLASTICSTRAWs can be customised to any colour, with an additional logo or text and/or to your required dimensions (thinner, thicker, shorter / cocktail)! 

Please note that this is only available in large quantities, and requires ~2 months production and delivery time.

Please email georgie@nonplastictraw.co.uk with your enquiry.