So, I hope you guessed this one, NONPLASTICSTRAWs are not made from plastic !

NONPLASTICSTRAWs are a bio-based plastic drinking straw alternative. They feel, taste, sip just like plastic, but they are NOT ANOTHER PLASTIC STRAW, and they do not cost the earth .. 



NONPLASTICSTRAWs are made from a renewable plant-based material created from sustainable resources, such as sugar cane, cornstarch or yam. The key words here are renewable and sustainable. This means these resources can be replaced or replenished in the same or less time it takes to use up the supply. For the health and future of the planet, we want to be using more (if not mostly/ all) renewable and sustainable resources.

Using this bio-based alternative uses 65% less energy, and releases between 30-80% less toxin emissions than plastic!


Our material is extraordinarily robust and has very similar physical characteristics to plastic (even though it is not plastic..)! As there is no need to wash them out after each use, these straws are perfect for cafe, bar and restaurant use, or at home if you're having a party, have small kids, or prefer to drink through a straw! 

Unlike our paper friends, NONPLASTICSTRAWs are extraordinarily robust, and will hold their shape and strength for the entire hydration duration!



NONPLASTICSTRAWs are 100% biodegradable and compostable in industrial composting facilities, where they will fully degrade with other compostable materials into humus (not hummus ;)) in just 12 weeks!! This organic matter can then be put back into the system and used by farmers to fertilise plants and crops. 


So now you know a little more about the NONPLASTICSTRAW, why not give it a try?!